The Never War by D.J. Machale

November 14, 2008
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The Never War by D.J. Machale is the third book in the book series Pendragon. This book has over 300 pages (336), and is an action fantasy. During this story Bobby Pendragon follows Saint Dane, an evil traveler from an unknown territory, to First Earth.
A traveler is a person chosen by those unknown, who has to keep peace on all of the territories. Each traveler has the power of persuasion, and language transformation. Any one they talk to hear their own language, while that person's language sounds like the travelers first language to the traveller alone.
Saint Dane has powers like all the other travellers, but can transform into any living thing he wishes to be. He wants to destroy all the territories, and bring them into chaos, so he can take over all of Halla.
Halla is everything. Every time, place, or thing their ever was, and ever will be.
First Earth is one of ten territories that are all during, or in, different spaces, and times. Territories are whole worlds in different dimensions that only the travellers can travel to and from.
First Earth is during the time right before World War I. Each territory has a “turning point”, and First Earths turning point is the destruction of the Hindenburg, which leads to World War I.
The travellers travel by the flumes. The flumes are portals marked by a star. The traveller just has to say the territories name, and they are lifted off with a jumble of musical notes.
Imagine flying through the air, light as a cloud, yet surrounded by the brightest stars you ever saw! You can't even feel the space whooshing past you; you can only watch how everything you saw a second ago disappears in a new blast of light! You're warm and, a soft jingle of beautiful notes, not quite a melody, envelopes you, until suddenly wham (!) you're looking at a different world.
Bobby Pendragon's first ride was not so pleasant. Bobby Pendragon is the lead traveller. After his family disappears, at age 14 he is thrown into a world amidst in uncertainty and chaos. His Uncle Press, the one who lead him to another territory in the first place, is also a traveller. When he took Bobby into the flume Bobby was scared, but that was probably because Saint Dane had made an attempt on his life only a moment before, and the fact that he was flying through the air without a single sight of support. His Uncle Press only had enough time to fight for two territories with bobby (Denduron and Cloral), and instill a traveller's destiny, and the rules a traveller must follow in Bobby, before being murdered unexpectedly by Saint Dane.
When Bobby follows Saint Dane to First Earth after his Uncle's death, he's caught in a drift of reminisce. Growing up in Connecticut on Second Earth, which is during our time, He had learned about this past before becoming a traveller and suddenly being caught up in parts of his old life shocked him, because he never expected such a grand feeling of homecoming. This fierceness of his emotions strengthens his determination to subdue, and undermine Saint Dane, and Saint Danes Plan to destroy First Earth.
As three of the ten travellers, Bobby, Gunny, and Spader, try to learn Saint Danes plan, they're thrown into Gang fights, terrorist attacks, and two very deadly Big Boss's plans, so to speak. The Big Boss's are basically those whom are in charge of major masses of drug dealers, hoodlums, and murders. Trying to find out which one is responsible for First Earths turning point, the destruction of the Hindenburg, is not even as remotely safe as it seemed; Which wasn't safe at all.
His Uncle Press's death had toughened Bobby, and got him ready for the lead traveller's job, or about as ready as he could get with the weight of every living thing on his hands and nearly dieing at every turn. He needs all the toughness he can get. It's now Bobby's job to defeat Saint Dane and save all of Halla from Armageddon. Can He stop the Hindenburg from crashing, and sending all of First Earth into chaos, or will he fail and let Saint Dane claim yet another territory.
This book is captivating, enchanting, and full of fun with mystery. D.J. Machale had me hanging on to his every word as the story unfolded. Plots full of fantasy mixed with reality gave it a realism that threw me into the book, and helped me connect with Bobby as well as if I were him.
I loved this series, and hope you will too. Though I am positive you will, at the very least, find it mysterious, fun, and as captivating as I did.

812 words

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