Twilight : A Teen Sensation

November 14, 2008
Twilight: A Teen Sensation

I am absolutely sure that every teen has heard about Twilight. If you’re a boy you might be thinking that it’s only a girl book because it’s a romance. And if you’re a girl and you haven’t read it you might be thinking yeah it looks like a good book and at some point and time I get around to reading it. And last and definitely NOT least if you’ve read it you thought it was absolutely great, you want to see the movie opening night, your convincing everyone you know to read it, you love Edward and/or Bella, and you cant stop talking about it.

I am MOST definitely the last one myself and I hope after reading my review you’ll soon be right there with me!

Main Characters- Edward, Bella, Jacob, Charlie, Alice, Carlisle (NOTE: these aren’t all of the characters just the main ones!)
Plot- Bella, a clumsy junior, moves to Forks, Washington to live with her dad. The first day of high school in a new town she meets Edward and falls head over heels in love with him! She starts hanging out with Edward and soon finds out he is a vampire. (NOTE: If you want to find out more read the book don’t just Google it!)

This is all I will tell about the book that are true facts!

It took me two days to read Twilight and I absolutely LOVED it. When I got to New Moon after reading it for a while I absolutely HATED it because of what happened. Until I finished it I didn’t understand the concept that Stephanie Meyer was trying to pull across, but when I did I loved the concept that she gives Edward and Bella and all in all it is a HUGE misunderstanding that keeps you connected and just fishing for more.

I am not going to say anything about the third or fourth books but, before I forget I want to give a enormous THANKYOU to Stephanie Meyer for the great entertainment and AWESOME books she has produced!

I hope you find time in your busy teen schedules to read this great series of books!

LOVER of Twilight

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