The Rifle

November 13, 2008
By Slappy McGillacutty, Hoboville, MN

The book The Rifle started out kind of slow and I thought it was very boring. It talked about a man named John Waynewright and his quest to make what the book called a sweet rifle which shot twice to three times as far as a normal rifle because the barrel was grooved and gave the lead ball spin and made it accurate . That part of the book was for the most part boring except the parts about the rifle it self; I was intrigued about the rifle how it was made the measurements and the parts all of those things made me interested enough to keep on reading. And then I felt was when the book actually took off the history of the rifle began and the book got very interesting and I felt that the book was the right choice for me to read because I like history books and books dealing with old weaponry. Those sorts of things really get me interested and I still haven’t finished the book but if I had to support or smite this book I would totally support it. If you can handle fifteen kind of boring pages then the book would pay off in the end but only if you actually like this genre of book it’s a history, and fiction book dealing with an antique gun with a long and colorful history.

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