Legend by Marie Lu

March 31, 2014
By wolverines PLATINUM, Everett, Washington
wolverines PLATINUM, Everett, Washington
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Do you know how it feels when you’re being chased by the cops? And on top of that your partner is an undercover cop. If you have any interest in what I just explained then I implore you to read a book called Legend by Marie Lu. This book has everything from romance to action. Personally this book kept me on the edge of my seat so I couldn’t put the book down and my favorite part in the book is when June gets in a skit fight.

The setting is in the future not long from now but in Chicago. There are different sectors, like a junk town. And where Day comes from and he has little friends, only family. June lives in a big house and is kind of rich in a nice neighborhood and has lots of friend.

Day and lives in the lake sector. Most people that live in that sector are poor. But what does Day do to get his money? He steals and not getting caught. Also sense day is a thief he has someone after him. Day is living a low profile and is always on the move to not get caught.

This girl named June. June is in a high rank in the military and she has no time to mess around because she is seeking the one who killed her brother. When they finally meet up June doesn’t know it is him that she was looking for. Later Day gets caught and is sentence to execution.

June and a girl named Kade were in a skits fight. And Kade was losing till she stabbed June with a hidden blade. Day saw that and he had to do something. Suddenly Day throws one smoke bomb. Swiftly Day grabs her and brings her to an ally to where Day and June is safe. It takes a day and some for them to be introduce each other and it goes on from there.

The author's comments:
the book was amazing

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