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March 27, 2014
When I first read the review of this book in Goodreads, I thought it would be a typical dystopian novel. But when I started reading the first book of the trilogy, Divergent, I was amazed by the way it was written. It was crisp and entertaining.
The story is set in the future (of course), where the people are divided into factions based on the values they hold important. They are forced to choose a faction at the age of sixteen, and if they fail the initiation (a test held to confirm that they actually belong to that particular faction) of the faction they choose they are asked to leave the town – to be factionless.
Beatrice Prior belongs to Abnegation, a faction that values selflessness above everything else. Her family consists of her brother and loving parents, and her future is secure and happy if she chooses Abnegation. But the thing is Beatrice doesn’t belong in Abnegation. She knows it. And when the Aptitude test is carried out to give a hint to the students to determine which faction they should choose, her results are very unusual.
She realizes she has a choice. To stay with her family and lead a happy life working for the happiness of others….or she can opt for another life entirely. She can be Erudite, where intelligence and a thirst of knowledge are important. She could go for Candor, where truth is what is foremost. She could become Amity, where people do anything for peace and harmony. She can be Dauntless, where everyone lives recklessly, where bravery and courage is considered above everything else.
But the life that awaits her when she makes her choice is not what she expected. She tries to adapt to her brutal and reckless surroundings, knowing she doesn’t belong here either. Knowing she doesn’t belong anywhere. Knowing she is Divergent.
I hear the movie’s coming out, so before you watch the movie, please read the book. I’ve tried to avoid spoilers as much as I could, but if there are any, I’m sorry. Also, be prepared to cry your eyes out, because characters die left and right. There is a fandom for it, which can be found on Tumblr, Facebook and Google+.

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