Maximum Ride-The Angel Experiment by James Paterson

March 13, 2014
Maximum Ride-the angel experiment
By: James Paterson

Don’t you think it would be awesome to have wings? Well for Max, Fang, Iggy (blind), Gasman (you do not want to know why), Nudge, and Angel flying is their life!
Maximum Ride- The Angel Experiment by James Paterson is a compelling book about a 14-year old girl who lives in the middle of nowhere with five mutant bird kids who she can’t let leave her vision, or they might get kidnapped by Erasers. Erasers are mutant half-wolf half-humans that will take them to the school (an institute where whitecoats (scientists) do experiments with a mixture of human DNA animal DNA to make mutants like Max and “the Flock”). That is precisely what happens though, when one day the flock is out picking strawberries and Angel, is kidnapped and flown in a helicopter to the school. When this happens, Max does everything to get her back, even if she has to split the Flock apart.
If there is anything whatsoever, that anyone can object about The Angel Experiment it’d be that the book ends a little abruptly, but that is merely because the book is in a series.
I would recommend James Paterson’s first book in the Maximum Ride series- The Angel Experiment to kids from age10-age13. This book has loads of excitement, action, fighting, and adventure. When I started reading this book, I could not put it down for more than a few minutes. This is a five star book!

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