Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park

March 13, 2014
Long Walk to Water

Have you ever had to hide from the rebels at such a young age?
The book Long Walk to Water by: Linda Sue Park, tells about a little boy named Salva trying to find his parents, but he has to hide from the rebels at the same time. Imagine how scary that must be. I know I would be frightened from the rebels and not knowing where my parents, are after hearing gun shots. This book is so inspiring because it’s telling you to never give up.
Salva had just went to class when all a sudden gun shots were fired off, his teacher said to go to the corner and hide ,but Salva did not listen. Salva ran out the classroom heading to his village. Now Salva was searching everywhere for his parents. When Salva was searching for his parents the rebels caught him. Salva was now under their control, but not for long Salva escapes and fines his uncle. They are now hiding out together. When two days passed the rebels finds the uncle and shoots him. Now Salva is running as fast as he could he ends up passing out and wakes up to a lady in front of him. Salva shrieks “mom!” But the lady comes closer and he sees her and that wasn’t his mom it was a stranger.
Check out this book Long Walk to Water .It will inspire you and make you feel like you want to know what’s next so. I would recommend this book to a person who likes love, action, sadness, and happiness. What happens to Salva find out next in this book, Long Walk to Water written by: Linda Sue Park
Newbery Medalist, and based on a true story ,

Grade level:4.2

Rating; 4 out of 5 stars ****

Reviewer; xioanna

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