The Star Shack by Lila Castle

February 28, 2014
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Pete and Annabelle were together, and then they were not. Annabelle obsesses about astrology; Pete thinks astrology is just fake words giving people false hope. They can’t stand each other until one day Annabelle dares Pete to open an astrology booth on the boardwalk. Pete, an implusive person, never gives up on a dare. This book has back and forth banters between these two characters that soon change from animosity to rediscovered love.

The only published book from Lila Castle, she has succeeded in making The Star Shack a great one. This book will hook the reader in to find out what happens next, and when the book ends you’ll be heartbroken because this is a stand-alone novel. While reading, you also learn quite a bit of astrology, marking every chapter, there’s a horoscope for all the different signs. At this astrology booth Pete and Annabelle offer people advice, relationship advice, based on what the stars say. Pete has no experience with astrology; all of Annabelle’s knowledge comes from books and online. Will her impromptu dare prove astrology as a lame, unrealistic idea?

I recommend this book to girls 13 years old and up. Or anyone interested in astrology or romance. While reading this I experienced a range of feelings, surprised, humor, happiness, and excited. This book definitely goes above and beyond compared to other books. This one keeps you interested, not bored, gets you thinking, so you’re not reading all the pages and still don’t know what it’s about.

This book leaves the reader wanting more. Once you get to know the character, you’ll be hooked in forever. I enjoyed this book, and anyone else who reads this will too. The Star Shack is that book, the book you don’t want to put down, don’t want to end, and don’t want to ever forget.

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