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The Belgariad by David Eddings

The Belgariad

Have any of you been so immersed in a story you forget where you are when putting it down? You begin talking like some of the characters and making jokes that only you understand and laugh at. That is precisely what happened to me every time i red through this series. It made me laugh,cry, and put me into a state of depression once i turned the last page. And “The Belgariad” will always reserve the most prestigious place in my bookshelf.

“The Belgariad” by David Eddings while containing 5 individual books is only part of the overall story. Which is continued in “The Malloreon” another 5 part series that completes the epic fantasy of which i will give a transient summary. Eddings follows the story of a boy a named Garion, who only a child at the beginning of the series is thrown into an adventure that changes him. I won't give any spoilers so that you can enjoy the entirety of the book but while this book may have a few slow parts, they are usually involving events that you will need to know about later in the story. Eddings creates in his world a breathtaking amount of detail and lore. The abundance of races you find in this book differentiate The belgariad from many major fantasy series in that it copies nothing, everything you find in your travels is new and unexpected and brings the thrill of exploring unknown waters to this incredible series.There are races with their own religions, superstitions, characteristics, political systems, ethnical patterns, internal relations and so much more. You won't be wanting for more information about any of them, he goes into detail about many aspects of their lives and in some situations Eddings places Garion in situations where he must deal with these very unique races and change himself doing so. This series is often overlooked by many teens as it is a older book, written in the 1980’s and never had a real marketing campaign or place in media. That being said this book is amazing and I once again recommend it to anyone who enjoys a great adventure, character progression, relationship development, love story, or coming of age tale where anything is possible.

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