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The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Hazel Grace Lancaster’s lungs are drowning in cancer-filled fluid. She drags an oxygen tank around like a suitcase because, without it, she would not be able to breathe. Because of all the treatments and medicines, Hazel’s face is puffy and her body is swollen…

So why is an insanely attractive guy staring at her?

Augustus Waters has cancer, too. Fortunately, it’s concentrated in his leg, so the doctors chopped it and gave him a prosthetic. With a face and body like his, Augustus can have anyone he likes…and he chooses Hazel.

Something about Hazel and Augustus just…clicks. Maybe it’s the fact that they both have cancer? Or maybe it’s the fact that they both want a longer infinity than what they’ve been given? Either way, Augustus and Hazel are the modern Romeo and Juliet in regards to star-crossed lovers. In no time at all, the two fall in love. However, considering their illnesses, they each know that “forever” won’t be as long as they want it to be…

“You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I’m grateful.” ~Hazel Grace Lancaster

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cece_1258 said...
today at 1:53 pm:
This is a great reveiw. even though i have already seen and read the book and movie, it was amazing to know what other people thought of this book. Like you and me this is awesome. you really describe how she felt about having cancer, and how Agustus feels.
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