Diary of a wimpy kid The Ugly Truth by Jeff Kenny

February 12, 2014
My book reveiw on The Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Ugly Truth
The ientended audience is for children in middle school that are having a hard time and having a hard time with their friends.
The style was informal and it does suit the audience.
The book was ritten to help cildren in middle schoool that are going through a rough time and dealing with new problems.
The book made me feel that middle school is not easy for all children the book changed very few times while reading.
The theme of the book is about friend ship and kindness.

The book is a great example of how friends have their little arguments and that when you can be kind. The book is really great for a middle school because the words are easy and middle schoolers can read them in a instant. The book sets a good example for kids to not argue with their friends over something stupid. The book has many life leasons that you can learn from and the plot is amazing and very detailed. The main details in the book where really suitable for this type of book. The book was very well written by the author.

The example the book sets out for people having trouble with their friends relitivers or others is that their is no reason to disown or defriend someon over abything stupid. The book includes life lessons kids go through in middle school and the changes they are going to go through. The book explains that not everything your going to go through is gonna be esay. The book has many details about life and making choices. The boys fight about getting into trouble about something. Then later in the story Greg's uncle gets married again and has the talk with Gamie. Rodrick had the talk with Gamie when he was Greg's age.

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