Hawk: Occupation: Skateboarder

November 3, 2008
By Joseph Hungate, Portland, OR

Hawk Occupation: Skateboarder is a great book for readers who want all the tiny details. You can know everything non-related from skateboarding from running away at a baseball game to throwing plastic cars at his nanny. And a lot of those details are about skateboarding too. You can know all his attempts at the 900 and how much he was paid to skateboard when he was only twelve. This is an exciting book for those who like a good hooking sentence to pull you on and turn the page every time. Tony Hawk travels all around the world collecting bruises and winning contests as he hangs out with his fellow skateboarding friends. Be prepared to read a book that has an exciting new twist on every page. Warning: may not be able to put book down.

I thought this book related to my life because it really inspired me to become a better skateboarder. All the details in the story about how long he would skateboard every day really opened my eyes. I didn't realize how much you have to skateboard and how much you have to love it to become really good.

Sean Mortimer really lets people know all the details. If there's something about Tony Hawk you wanted to know that isn't about skateboarding then read this book. He doesn't rush through his tale but lets everybody know all the major events in every year of his life. He will tell people all there is to know about Tony Hawk's skateboarding life and more.

I liked reading this book because I thought it would really help me to become a better skateboarder and I wanted to know all the details about Tony Hawk's life. I liked how the author would really tell all the details to a certain event. If there's an event in the story then he can't simply say that Tony Hawk went on tour and won a contest. He has to say how many friends he made, how he played Tetris on his game boy, and how many times he sprained his ankle before and after the contests.
Great book I highly recommend reading it.

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