November 3, 2008
By Lizzy Allen, Portland, OR

Uglies is a science fiction book by Scott Westerfeld. The book is filled with pretties, hovercars, and special circumstances. The book Uglies takes place in a world very different from the one we know today. Uglies takes place many years from today. In a world where people become stunningly gorgeous when they turn sixteen, what could go wrong?
Tally is the main character of the book. Tally, is about to get what she wants more than anything in the world, becoming pretty. Shay on the other hand isn't very excited. Shay could care less about how she looks. Shay would rather play tricks with her best friend, Tally. And then there is David. Tally doesn't think David really exists, but Shay talks about him as if he were her brother.
All seems to be going right with Tally and Shay, until the girls share their opinions about the operation to become pretty. Tally and Shay both take different sides on the operation. Shay thinks everyone is beautiful and pretties all look alike. Tally thinks she is crazy and a big fight occurs, which gets Shay thinking about running away. When she finally tells Tally about her idea Tally wouldn't even consider running away with her in a million years. But Shay thinks she might so she leaves a note of code directions. Eventually the Special Circumstances find out that Tally knew Shay and they send Tally against her will to go searching for her friend out in “the smoke”. Throughout the book, Tally has to make her way in the own, and strives to survive.
I really enjoyed this book because it never left you bored. Another thing is although it is sci-fi, you can really relate to Tally. This book will give you an occasional tingle through the back of your neck. It is realistic, science fiction, and a little scary. Don't just walk by this book next time! My star rating is fours and a half stars.

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