The Beguilers By Kate Thompson

November 3, 2008
By Alexis Shoemaker, Portland, OR

The Beguilers by Kate Thompson was a fabulous book about how Rilka, a young girl finds her inner strength to separate herself from the bland lifestyle that her and the rest of her community follow.
Rilka lives in a small hut with her family, in a mountain village. In her community when you are becoming an adult you make a great intention, usually this great intention would be to marry an old sweetheart. But Rilka has a different idea. Instead she announces that she is going off to hunt and catch something that no one in the community has ever caught before - a beguiler.
Beguilers - no one really knows what they are, because no one has ever captured one. They are around during the day, but you can't see them because they have she same quality as they daylight. Occasionally if you are high up in the mountain slopes you might see a shadow pass through the air, not visible enough to be sure that it is really there. But during the night the howl and moan as they float up and down the streets of the village, and from a young age children are taught never to look into their golden eyes or you would be lured to you death.
The small mountain village that Rilka lives in is nearby one of the main porters trails, it is surrounded by lush green forests, paths lead up and away from the village to the drowning pool. The priests of the village say that the drowning pool is endless. No one knows quiet how it was made, but they do know that if you fall in there is no chance of life, because the sheer walls are unforgiving. At night the beguilers do their mysterious dance above the still, black water.
I was spellbound by the fabulous writing that Kate Thompson brings into her book, and I think that any one could be taken away by this amazing story. Now it is your turn to join Rilka on her riveting and amazingly bazaar journey and get swept away into her world. I give this book five stars because I was instantly part of Rilka's world and I think that you will be too.

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