The Westing Game By Ellen Ruskin

November 3, 2008
By Jane Langfus BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
Jane Langfus BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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I chose the Westing Game by Ellen Ruskin, not only because I heard it was a great book, but also I had to pick a mystery, I remembered my friend saying “if you ever need to read a book for a class read the Westing Game.” So I took this opportunity to read it. I found it to be a great book, very intriguing.

This whole book took place in the apartment complex, of sunset towers, which is interesting, since sun sets in the east, but sunset towers faces west. It manly stays in the towers the whole book.
This book is a great book, to read when you need to just read something. I love the description of the characters in the book; I can really see them in my mind.

The book is about this man Samuel Westing whose apparently is dead. So six soon to be heirs are asked to come live in this apartments, and live there and all try to find out this mystery with partners. Well now that I told you just a little bit about the book, I should probably tell you about the characters that are it he book as well. The main characters that you need to know about are.

Turtle Wexler, who wear two braids and if any touches them, let just says it would not be the brightest idea. She in some ways could be the “ugly duckling” in her family since she has this older sister Angela who is the perfect child and is getting married. The doorman is Barney northrup, and business man is Julian Eastman, a lady who is the only person who can even dare touch turtle's braids is sydelle Pulaski. But the one thing is that Barney Northrup gets kicked by Turtle all the time and doesn't seem to care.

When the will comes in that Samuel wrote himself, he says some weird things, that no one really understands how he would know those things if he was dead, but still he was able to proceed with the will, that was one of the bits I found most intriguing.

I think it was a great book, I hope you will read this book, by the third to last chapter, you are already getting an idea of what is to happen, and you have to read more. By the first sentence you are hooked on the book, you won't want to stop reading the book.

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hEllOgOOdbyE said...
on Nov. 23 2010 at 8:11 pm
nice summary! i read the book and that sums it up nicely!


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