The Mawrtyr's Song

October 31, 2008
By Anonymous

The Martyr's Song Series by Ted Dekker includes three books; When Heaven Weeps, Heaven's Wager and Thunder of Heaven. They are Christian Fiction novels, but they are not all 'churchy' and high up Christian complicated stuff like some people might think. Dekker is an amazing writer. His books are action-packed, filled with romance and new things to learn. They are also thought-provoking. These books have taught me so much about love. It showed me what love really looks like and I strive to reach that every day. I would encourage everyone to read them.

These three books are slightly connected by plots, themes and characters. But it is not mandatory to read them in order. I certainly did not and i did not miss anything and I was not confused by anything.

My favourite book from this trilogy is When Heaven Weeps. The love and passion displayed in the book just wants me to cry because I am scared that I will never be able to be like that, even though I wish so hard that I could. It is a love story like no other. And it gave me an understanding into why people keep going back to drugs even though they know that they are bad and that they are betraying and hurting the people around them. The back of this book says, "Go ahead, it's your turn to play the game. But remember... there is a price. And no one can possibley prepare you for that price."

Thunder of Heaven was also an amazing love story. The back of the book asks, "What happens when the evil of terrorism and the love of God collide?"

Heaven's Wager was my least favourtie of the three. But still a good book, none the less. On the back of this book it says, "He lost everything he ever wanted - and risked his soul to get what he deserved."

These books are truely amazing. You should read them, especially if you are a Christian. They will change your life. They put the teachings in the bible into perspective; in a less boring, more exciting and action packed way. In a way we can relate to today.

The author's comments:
I am a Christian and I think by reading these books, the world could learn a lot about love and forgiveness.

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