Lu Lu Dark by Bennett Madison

October 31, 2008
By Hayden Skoch, Portland, OR

Star rating: 4

Lu Lu Dark is a suspenseful, adventurous tale about a teenage girl (Lu Lu) who embarks on an unaccepted adventure one summer with her friend Daisy. Lu Lu has planned a relaxing summer reading, drinking lemonade, and sun tanning on the fire escape, but she soon is faced with a crazy mystery that will change her life forever. Her boyfriend, mother, and famous local to Halo city, Lisa Lincoln, are missing and it is Lu Lu's job to solve the case on The Fox and win her loved ones back.

Bennett Madison's writing jumps off the page and molds in to a wonderful story every page you turn. However, this story is missing a crucial element in mystery books, clues, suspects, and all the key things to mention when solving a mystery. The writing has lots of dialog and describes young contemporary mysteries from the eyes of a teenage girl. Despite some of the missing aspects of mystery in this book it is a sure page turning and hooks you to the unique characters.

In my opinion the thesis of this book is “People aren't always how they appear to be.”
They might just end up surprising you and there true personality might jump out when least expected. Give people second chances and be careful when picking friends and when picking enemies.

I really enjoyed this book because of it's over dramatic character description and creative dialog. Every character seems to have there own way of speaking and style.
I recommend you read this book it you are interested in mystery, crazy movie stars, and adventure.

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