Centuries of Stories Editor: Wendy Cooling

October 31, 2008
By Emmy T, Portland, OR

Centuries of Stories is a collection of short stories, the first one in the first century, and the last story in our century. The stories are by all different authors and all have very different plots.

Almost all the stories in the book had some kind of message, but not all the same, so it seemed to me to be a very random collection. I think that all the different stories were well written, but they weren't, in my opinion, among the best I've read. The genres of the short stories included realistic fiction, historical fiction (of course), and a few fantasies. Overall I would give this book 3.5 stars.

This book was OK. A few stories were very good, but it wasn't a “I can not put it down” book. The reason I say this is because a few of the stories were a little confusing, but they were bearable. Some of the stories were very strange and bizarre and some I could believe happened. The story I liked the best was called, ‘The Valley of Crocuses'. It is about a young boy, with a disfigured hand, and his dog with a twisted paw. They both can't do as much as the others, and become best friends. The rest if up for you to find out…

The book is full of many different things, as I have mentioned. Some of the stories are very powerful and many of the more gruesome stories were true, which was a little frightening! Therefore I think this book is best for people ages thirteen and up.

This book is full of well-written stories that tell much about the worlds past, so I recommend this book for those who love history and a good fiction.

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