A Man's Search for Meaning By Viktor E. Frankl

October 31, 2008
By Alexandra Corwina, Portland, OR

This is a biography that gives some of the horrifying facts from the time when terrible things were happening, mostly to the Jews. Victor found himself in a concentration camp being faced with the horrors of watching friends, family, loved ones and even complete strangers faced with death. He became a nurse soon after arriving and was to take care of the sick. With that came the small fortune of moving to a new camp where there was no gas chambers or ovens so the extreme punishment would wait for a least one more day. Without giving too much more away, I will say that this book has a way of changing the reader's prospective on life.
I feel that I will now try to look at the brighter things in life and take some time to realize how lucky I am. Also how some times we take even the simplest things for granted. For example, if you go to school you may think it's a waste of time, something you have to wake up early and do just about every day because it's suppose to make you smarter or something. You have homework you have to do when you want to hang out with friends and so on. But a lot of people don't think of the other side. There are kids who grow up never getting to go to school. Kids never getting the chance to learn and have a better future.
This book is somewhat related to Anne Frank's diary only in that the are both facing the same issues. I liked them about the same to be honest. The main difference is the writing style. In A Man's Search for Meaning, Viktor is giving you a thought of what other people feel not just him self and what some of the common things were to experience. Where as Ann is giving you her perspective as a young girl and what she was feeling. There also is an age different which I believe affects the different writing styles. The are about the same difficulty level.
You may think this you were strong and did not need much sleep you would have a advantage. But no, Viktor found that it was those who had something to live for or look forward to do or see. Something they need to finish or complete other than themselves that really had the advantage.
Out of five stars I give this book a four and a half. Because even though I did not particularly like this book it changes my prospective for me. It is a book I am sure I will be reading again some day.

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