Whale Talk

October 31, 2008
The story Whale Talk was about a boy name T.J. Jones who is a leader, athlete, and all-around great guy. He gathers a team of non-athletic “outcasts” and create a swim team, to let the “outcasts” wear the Cutter High sports emblem, proof that they are worthy athletes, the Cutter high gold and crimson jacket. The team is made up of The Tao Jones (T.J.), Chris Coughlin, Dan Hole, Tay Roy, Andy Mott, Jackie Craig, Simon DeLong. Rich Marshall and Mike Barbour, the football jocks of the school, are stopping them from getting their letter jackets. Rich Marshall is a Cutter High graduate who hangs around school, he has a wife and her wife has a child who Rich is abusive to. His father and mother, T.J. was adopted, are main characters, his father a scary yet sweet man who when he was a truck driver accidentally ran over a toddler when it crawled under the wheel while no one was watching, this haunts his father all of his life. T.J. must confront Rich and Mike, help the swim team, and save his father from his horrors before it is too late.
This book relates to my life by needing to be a leader and help people who needed to stand up for them selves. It is a huge and noble responsibility for T.J. to create a social or athletic activity for people to do if they are anti social or anti-athletic.
I enjoyed this book because I think it was really good writing, I liked how much detail and the use of dialogue, there were some parts that went by very fast with not enough explanation, but most of it was at a really good place. I thought it was complex because it had more than on plot it had about three. It was also complex because it took really deep hard conflicts and put them into a very unique senior. Each character had a distinct personality and there was no one else like them.

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