Whale Talk by Chris Crutcher

October 31, 2008
By george bishop, Portland, OR

I read the book Whale Talk by the author Chris Crutcher. Whale Talk is a pretty good book, it's about a kid named Tao Jones. Tao Jones or T.J. is a kid that goes to Cutter high school. Cutter High is a big jock school.
To be cool at Cutter High you have to play and be good at sports. To really be cool you have to earn a letter jacket. If you wear a letter jacket and you don't earn it you will pay the consequences. You will get threatened, beat up, and hated. Take Chris Coughlin for example. He is a big time special ed kid when he was one years old he got brain damage. Chris has an older brother Brian that was a class act. He was a good student, good athlete, and a great guy. When Brian was around and you messed with Chris you messed with Brian. Now that Brian was gone every one messed with Chris. So one day Chris came to school with his brother's letter jacket. Sue enough Chris god bullied around by Barbour. T.J. saw the hole thing and went in and helped Chris.
Meanwhile T.J. was making a new swim team for Cutter. So he thought that he would get the biggest losers to join so that they could all get letter jackets. So that's what he did. There was only one problem about the swim team, they didn't have a pool!
I thought that this book was pretty good with the plot and all, but the story was sort of slow. The characters were good and I liked them but the story was one of them that you could put down. There are a lot of other good books by Chris Chruter and I'm not trying to put him down or any thing. This book also has a number of swear words but that only makes it that much better. Over all it's a pretty good I say a six on scale of one to ten.

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