Such a Pretty Girl By Laura Wiess

October 31, 2008
By Maddy Lee, Portland, OR

Such a Pretty Girl by Lausa Wris is about a girl whose father was supposed to be in jail for nine years. Unfortunately the judge said that his jail sentence was shortened to three years, because of good behavior. Meredith had planned to be eighteen and long gone by the time her father gets home from jail.
The main character's name is Meredith. Meredith is fifteen, she is living with her mother who even though given the option to divorce has still stayed with her father. Meredith is living in a world were no one understands her or what she is feeling. Her mother has blocked out Meredith and anything she doesn't want to know from her life.
Meredith's father has been in jail for the last three years. He was supposed to stay in for another six years but the judge said that because of good behavior Meredith's father has gotten out and is coming home.
The setting of the book is in a three day period in which Meredith makes a couple friends and learns some very interesting things about her mother and father and her boyfriend.
The plot of this book while not giving away the whole book would probably be that Meredith is trying to get her father back in jail and get to leave her mother. While trying to get her father back in jail Meredith becomes friends with some people she would have never expected to trust. Meredith also learns some very unusual things about her neighbors.
The theme of this book is about how her father has come back from jail, but has not really changed. It also shows the complications there are in a family and all the dark secrets that might be killing a family on the inside but wont be showing on the outside.
I couldn't say that I really liked this book but it was not bad. This book shows the real problem in today's world and how they are not being properly solved. If you want to find out what happens to Meredith and her family read the book!

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