Einstein: Visionary Sceintist

October 31, 2008
By ian fyfield, Portland, OR

Einstein: Visionary Scientist is a great book especially if you want to know more about the genius Albert Einstein.
This book starts with his birth in 1879 and ends with his death in 1945. In between all that you can find out are really interesting facts like how he never even met his first child. Even some stuff that you might have thought was obvious but actually was something else.
There's this one part in the start of the book that really amazed me. Einstein wrote four papers, one of them got him his PhD, another one got him a Nobel Prize in 1921 for physics, another helped scientists make the atomic bomb (by the way he was a pacifist) and the last one was his most famous theory of all, “the theory of relativity”. He was even given the chance to become the president of Israel.
Now I was shocked that one of his papers helped make the atomic bomb. Also he was regarded by his elementary school teachers as arrogant, a risk taker and stupid. So he was not the genius he was going to be. Later in life when he had become a U.S. citizen, J. Edgar Hoover the then FBI chief spied on him because since he was born in Austria, he thought he was a communist and that he was a threat to our capitalist nation which was crazy because Albert was a pacifist. He was only a threat to mosquitoes. For the rest of his life Hoover would continue to spy on Einstein just like he did with everybody else.
So I really recommend this book to anyone who wants to know about Einstein especially if you know nothing at all.

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