Get Shorty

October 31, 2008
By Liam Burke, Portland, OR

Get Shorty, by Elmore Leonard is a great book if you like fast paced, action filled Mob stories. The book will take you on an adventure from Miami to Las Vegas to Los Angeles, following the life of a Miami loan shark, Chili Palmer. The story begins in a restaurant in Chili's home town, Miami, Florida, where the shylock finds that his leather jacket has been stolen.

Now this theft is what makes the whole story happen. Chili finds out from the owner of the restaurant where his jacket was stolen the name of the person who took it. Ray Bones was the man's name. He was another loan shark, like Chili. This theft of his jacket really gets Chili steamed up. His wife gave it to him for Christmas, and he knows she's gonna be mad if he loses it.
So one day, two years later, Chili's getting his hair cut and Ray Bones and his bodyguard walk in. Bones tells him to go after a guy in his collection book, named Leo Devoe, who is supposed to be dead, but isn't. Leo's wife tells Chili that he's hiding out in Las Vegas, gambling the money his wife got as a settlement for his death. Chili finds the guy, but Leo escapes. Chili follows him to Los Angeles, where he tries to enlist the help of movie director Harry Zimm. Chili becomes fascinated with the movie industry, and wants to get in on it as Harry Zimm's producer. After many encounters with Hollywood muscle, Chili learns that getting a piece of the action is not as easy as it seems.
Get Shorty is an awesome story filled with intrigue, suspense and loads of imagery, which will have you on the edge of your seat hoping that Chili will come out on top. Leonard outdoes himself with his story, Get Shorty.

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