October 31, 2008
Brisingr, by Christopher Paolini is a fantasy novel, part of a trilogy. Eragon, the dragon rider, is tested to his very core as he narrowly escapes with his life through the treacherous challenges of being a dragon rider. But missions from the rebel clan, the Varden aren't the only things that keeps Eragon away from his cousin Roran and Roran's beloved, copper haired Katrina. Oaths and promises Eragon have made in the past may not be achieved as planned as he travels across Alagaesia to fulfill his destiny as Eragon Shadeslayer. Will Eragon, this once poor farm boy, be able to defeat Galbatorix and his enslaved dragon rider Murtagh and his dragon, the deadly Thorn, or will all of Alagaesia fall and be crushed under the strong and brutal tyrant of Galbatorix's deadly wrath.

Books that I have that closely relate to this book would be a mixture of Harry Potter and the Lord Of the Rings. Events of my life that relate to Brisingr would be the war on terror and the this years presidential election. I think that the war on terror relates to this book because there is a war going on in the book and this specific war has the same concept as the war on terror. The presidential election relates to this book because theres a lot of debating and the dwarves are trying to find a new ruler.
Christopher Paolini, the author, uses very descriptive language throughout his book to plant images in each individual reader's head. I liked this book because the battle scenes were very intense and exciting. If you like fantasy books packed with excitement, thorough dialogue, magic, elves and dwarves, dragons and monsters, intense battle scenes, far away places, magical scrolls, and alliances between clans of importance than you would love Brisingr. I rate this book three and a half to four stars because of the occasional boring parts.

Hope you enjoy!!

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ConStPats said...
Nov. 14, 2010 at 3:48 pm
Boring parts? Excuse me? If you thought any of that book was boring, I'd like to know about it (except for maybe when their coming back from Helgrind). 5 stars!
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