Beauty Sleep

October 31, 2008
I am an impatient reader. I need things to start from the first word and not stop until the end. This book Beauty Sleep written by my new favorite author meets that criteria better than most any book I have ever read. So if you are looking for a fast moving and complex fairy tale, look no further than Beauty Sleep a heartwarming retelling of sleeping beauty.
The story tells of a girl, Aurora, who had two powerful enchantments cast over her at her christening, one of them designed to destroy her and the other was cast to save her life. This conflict creates creating a battle inside her that will shape her life in both terrible and wonderful ways. Because of those same two enchantments Aurora realizes that she must leave the people she loves forever in an attempt to save them from the mysterious catastrophes that happen around her.
Ever since Aurora was a small child she longed to be outside, to discover what lay beyond the palace walls. This book is set in a magical world but not quite the typical kind of magic. This type of magic is not the wave your wand and turn someone into a warty toad kind of magic. This magic has a mind of its own and can think for its self. Although you can shape it or bend it to your will it is never completely tamed or mastered.
Woven skillfully in between all the action it also creates a powerful female heroin. In fact all the characters are fun and believable. The main character Aurora is a spunky unusual princess who meets many both sinister and other wise people during her epic journey including thickets of thorns and long sunny meadows. So jump on, buckle your seat belts and pull on you thinking caps because for this excellet fairy tale you will need them both. Beauty Sleep will have you enthralled from the mystical and timeless words once upon a time.

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