Gutsy Girls

October 31, 2008
By Harry Heath, Portland, OR

This book is a biography based on interviews. They were put together and chosen for there “daringness”. Some of the biographies were about mountain climbers, and some were about home builders. There were a total of twenty-five biographies. They all were extreme and everybody in them was doing things that, traditionally, men would do.

This relates to my life because there were some stories about snowboarders, and I like to snowboard. There also were some stories that i would like to do, like surfing, wakeboarding, and sky diving. I enjoyed reading these stories more than others because I could relate to them.

This book was written by five different people. I liked the way they wrote this book. They interviewed these people in the book. They all talked about their lives. Then they talked a lot about what they do and how it’s daring. There were some very daring stories that I really enjoyed.

I sort of enjoyed this book. It was good writing, but me, being a teenage boy, didn’t understand it or liked it as much as a teenage girl would. I felt that it was really meant for that age and gender. The reason I think that is because this book is all about young women doing what men would usually do. I think it is great in that way because it shows that women are just as powerful, and sometimes more powerful, as men. I respect that. I think the authors of this book and the people being interviewed did a good job with showing that point. Overall, I really thought this was a good book; I was unable to relate to, or understand most of it.

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