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Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone by J.K. Rowling

January 9, 2014
By h18kolind BRONZE, KEAAU, Hawaii
h18kolind BRONZE, KEAAU, Hawaii
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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter is an 11-year-old boy who lives with his horrible aunt, uncle and bullying cousin. His parents passed away saving his life when he was a baby. He has been treated like a slave for his whole life living in his cousin’s shadow pretty much. He was locked in a little room under the staircase every night. It was a dark and cramped room. On is 12th birthday a friend if Harry’s parents had come to visit him. His name was Hagrid and he was a giant. Hagrid had come to tell Harry that he had been accepted into Hogwarts, a magic school. Harry is a young wizard and didn’t know it. He is also a very powerful young wizard.

Voldemor, the evilest wizard there is, killed Harry Potter’s parents. Harry is the only person known to have come out alive after being in the presence of Voldemor. He was raised in a hellhole. No one seemed to care at all. While Harry was growing up when he would get angry some unexplainable things would happen. Once Harry got to Hogwarts he was happy and knew his place in the world. During his time at Hogwarts he met Hermione and Ron. They all became best friends and together discovered secret things about Hogwarts and about Harry’s parents.

There is not only a book for this story; there is also a movie that brings all the action to life. There are some things that were forgotten in the movie that I think should have been mentioned. I think when Harry was in the Robe Shop that they should have mentioned that Malfoy and Harry had bumped into another. Also something that bothered me was that in the book it did not mention that Hermione had fixed Harry’s glasses on the train it just showed it in the movie. Also in the book it said that after Harry had done his shopping for the wizard supplies Hagrid had taken Harry back to his uncles and the uncle took him to the train but in the movie Harry just stayed with Hagrid. So over all there were quiet a few things changed from the book and movie. Things were added and some things were deleted or adjusted. I highly recommend reading the book first and then watching the movie so you can make the comparison your self.

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