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Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

January 4, 2014
By Haylay BRONZE, Saratoga Springs, Utah
Haylay BRONZE, Saratoga Springs, Utah
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Enders Game starts with a young, but very smart six year old as the main character. He is a rare third child. As the book starts Ender is put under a test he’s unaware of to pass on to a new school to learn how to fight the Buggers, an ant like alien race that Earth supposedly in danger of. He passes where he is then sent to Battle School in space. While he is there, Ender works very hard and excels above other students. He makes good friends and dangerous enemies. Years into Battle School, Ender takes a trip back down to Earth where he is met by his sister Valentine. Where she convinces him to go back to Battle School by telling him the world needs him, which he is very against but eventually gives into. On his way back to Battle School, he finds out he is now going to a new farther away school, which will take months to get to and that he should be years older to attend to it. He is given a game he plays to prepare him for being a commander. After he becomes extremely good at the game they put Ender in charge of an army to do trial battles against the Buggers to get ready for the real thing. They never lose a battle but the amount of battles causes many people including Ender to break. Ender is also haunted in his dreams by a game he played back in Battle School. For their final trial battle against the Buggers, there are many people who have come to watch. Ender feels tempted to purposely lose but ends up winning their final and extremely difficult battle. He is congratulated by everyone watching and is very confused until he finds something out which he gets extremely upset about. Later on another planet where a colony Ender is apart of is being formed after the Buggers had already been destroyed, he is exploring a new area for a new colony and finds an extremely familiar area. It finally hits him it’s from the game he played back in Battle School that used to haunt him so much. The Buggers were trying to send him a sign, they were not bad. He went into the familiar area where he finds a queen bugger egg, he then decides he will travel the universe until he can find a new planet for the Bugger egg to hatch, so the species will not go extinct. This book is easily one of my favorite books. The author did a very good job with it and it was easy to imagine what was going on, which I loved. I feel like this book has many themes. One I got through the whole book was, it takes a lot to be a good leader. Ender goes through a lot throughout the whole book, but turns out to be an excellent leader to all. Another I got out of the end was that some things are completely unexpected. Ender finds out something completely crazy about his trial Bugger fights, making him furious. I would recommend this book to all ages, my dad was the one that told me to read them because he loved the Ender’s Game books. When I read them I fell in love, I think anyone of any age would enjoy this book.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this book review for an assignment in English, but I chose to write about this book because I like it so much.

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