Life As We Knew It

October 31, 2008
By Raven Connolly, Olympia, WA

One of the most important astrological event ever to be witnessed by common man is about to happen. Teachers at Miranda's school started plowing out homework assignments all on the same topic, the moon.
Astronomers were predicting that a huge asteroid was going to crash into the moon. They were right. Millions of people gathered outside their homes to witness the cause of world chaos. It's strange how a few seconds can change the lives of everything on Earth. And in those few destructive seconds, the asteroid knocked the moon out of orbit.
Miranda saw it, too, and like many others, was scared to death by the Moon in the night sky, just a little too close to Earth. The word went bananas, but school continued; at least for a short while.
The Moon really messed everything up. Television signals were coming in from different states, and the only constantly reliable thing was the radio, and even that wasn't reliable. Gas was up to 3 dollars, then 5 dollars, then ten dollars a gallon, with a limit to 3 gallons per station. Coastlines were being swallowed up by tides and tsunamis destroyed anything the tides couldn't get to. Dormant Volcanoes were erupting and filling the air with ash. People were rushing to grocery stores for food, and quickly, food was running out.
With her mother trying to secure her three children's lives, Miranda worries about her two best friends hating each other, her father and his pregnant wife, her new relationship with Daniel, and helping to keep her and her family alive.
This book is told through Miranda's diary entries and shows reader how quickly a “normal” life can vanish. I highly recommend “Life as We Knew It”.

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