Invitation Only

October 30, 2008
By Anonymous

I highly recommend the book to people who like drama/mystery and more into horror. This book really inspired me to read more of the next series, and usually when i read books i only read a few chapters then stop, but this book Invitation Only made me decide to read more and keep going.
I finally relized when i was finish i wanted to go check out the next book!

If your wondering what the book was about, you probally would have to go read it yourself. Since this is a book review i should tell you some bits of it. Well it starts out how a girl name Reed decides to move into the Billings Dorm. The only reason Reed was accepted in was because they wanted to get rid of Natasha's girlfriend Leanne. Now that Reed is in the SAME dorm as NATASHA she tells Reed to go look through the Billing Girls dorms for any clues why they kicked Leanne out, because Reed is only in their to clean other dorms and Natasha doesn't know that Leanne was kicked out because of how Natasha and Leanne were together and the Billing girls found out!

I guess that's all i can say you'll just have to find out yourself if you read more!

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