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Shortstop from Tokyo by Matt Christopher

Shortstop from Tokyo/Matt Christopher.
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.
Page 121

Stogie Crane wants to play shortstop for the Mohawks but a new kid comes in from Tokyo and steals his new spot.
The setting is on the baseball field for most of the story but when it’s not it’s within his town. The protagonist is Stogie
Crane. The authors’ topic and purpose was if you work hard it will pay off. The author did achieve his purpose. The writing is pretty effective because I could see how the story was unfolding in my head. I didn’t find any weaknesses in the book. His qualification for writing about this subject is that he writes a lot of sports books and he’s good at it. I also agree with his arguments. I found the book interesting because it kept me hooked and it never got boring. I would recommend this book to Darius because it’s about a sport and he likes sports.

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