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catching fire by Suzan Collins

December 4, 2013
By ReDhAwK BRONZE, Charelston, West Virginia
ReDhAwK BRONZE, Charelston, West Virginia
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The second book to the Hunger Games is called Catching fire by Suzan Collins. It is based in district 12 and the quarter quell area. It is very action packed. It hardly ever gets boring. It is a very good book. If you liked the Hunger Games you will probably like Catching fire. I enjoyed the book a lot. It is one of my favorites.
Some of the main characters are Katnis, Peta, Hamich, President Snow, Beete, Fulvia. This is very a very good book. One part I disliked is the beginning. But that is how all book’s are. But it just seemed longer this time.
I recommend catching fire to seventh and eighth graders. It isn’t a hard book to read. It is very cool how she connected Hunger Games and Catching fire together. When you’re reading it you don’t want to put it down. I like how they are back in the arena.
The book is very suspenseful. The new arena idea is very cool. Her idea of where they start is very unique. The outfits she comes up with are really cool. It is really cool.
That is what I have to say. But you should go get it. Because it is good. You probably like it. That is all so go get catching fire.

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