October 21, 2008
If you like books at, you're guaranteed to love Slash by Anthony Bozza. After just seconds of reading this book I was blown away and could not believe the thoughts that went into this book.

Slash, to just about everybody is the icon of rock, and now his story is being told. Before reading this book I had many questions about Slash and his life such as why did “Guns N Roses” break up and what is Slashes real name (Saul Hudson).

So join Slash threw al his hard times and all the habits he dropped and what he went threw because of those pesky hobbits. He tolerated so much until he finely reached breaking point. And that's when things get really good.

This book is all about the decisions Slash made and they way he went about living life and honestly I hope for the sake of your well being you don't choose to live your life the same way, because one thing I know for sure is Slash definitely know how to live life on the edge and I'm not saying that's a good thing.

All in all there are many heroes you have the option reading about but I hope you choose Slash the “guitar hero” (and yes he's actually on that game.

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