Heroes: Saving Charlie

October 22, 2008
By Jake Blonstein, Chesterfield, MO

It's “Super Hiro” the man from Japan. He can stop time and time travel. But when he's faced with his toughest challenge yet, saving the life of his first true love from a man who brutally opens your skull, will he be able to stop it from ever happening or will history repeat itself. Find out in “Heroes: Saving Charlie.”

This book is based off an idea from the hit T.V. show Heroes. Although this story was told in an episode in season one it is filled with untold story's that were not filmed.
You will soon figure out that even with super powers, it's hard to change the future. Hiro does everything he can to help Charlie, even not telling a man who he knows will die, will die.
In between chapters you will hear about Hiro's past and his father, showing Hiro's back story along with his family. These small side stories better help you to understand the character's problems during the story. Though the time traveling can get confusing the story will make sense in the end. People who like the T.V. show will like this. One exception to that is that it is also a romance so that may turn people off. I recommend it to any fans of the show or people who want a good romance.

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