Enders game review

November 21, 2013
By Reese Mondina BRONZE, Hilo, Hawaii
Reese Mondina BRONZE, Hilo, Hawaii
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Enders Game is sci-fi novel that was written Orson Scott this book includes lots of fighting, action, and many other interesting things. This novel has many exciting characters that make this novel very entice and interesting. This action packed novel also has many interesting settings such as battle school the school were all the special children that are chosen to be leaders or great soldiers in the world get there training. There are many other amazing stories and battles in this novel that make it very enjoyable.

The motion picture Enders Game was also very exciting and entice but there were many differences. One of those differences was that characters were different in the novel or seemed different in the novel. Another big difference is in the movie many things were changed up some people were introduced early or late. In the motion picture there were also junk parts that they left out that made the movie better such as leaving out meals and other boring stuff. But overall the movie was made well and produced well. It was a pleasant film.

In the beginning of the movie they introduced a character that was introduced in the middle of the story. I didn’t like this because they missed many important details that were needed to make this motion picture better. This part really made me mad because they missed many interesting parts that I wanted to see. In the motion picture they made some scenes in the movie better they made it seem better than in the book. There was also one part in the motion picture that was not in the novel. That part is when Ender talks back to his teacher. This scene was good because it shows some of Enders characteristics and how much he respects the people that outrank him.

But out of all the action in both the novel and the motion picture the best part was when ender and his other commanders help to blow up the Formics planet. But the head commander and the other people made Ender think that it was a game but it ended up that Ender was controlling the real fleet that was sent to the Formics home planet. In both the book and the movie Ender felt bad for doing this. Doing so made him seem soft and showed that he probably wouldn’t have done it if he new it was a real battle.

But the best part in the novel and the motion picture is when he finds a dying adult Formic and a formic egg in a structure outside of command school witch is on an old colony of the formics. Ender had promised to the dying formic that he would travel the universe to find a home for the baby queen formic. This made him fell better about destroying the Formics home planet because he mostly felt bad about killing a whole species. But it turns out that Ender still has a chance to make things right with the Formics. But the novel is still better because it had more details then the motion picture.

Well pretty much what I said is that the novel was better because it had more action and it had more details then in the movie. It was also better because it had a better story line and it had a better flow then the movie. Now you should go and read and watch this awesome amazing action packed novel and motion picture to see what you think of it. Also so can see if you agree with me or if you disagree with me or you could jut watch the movie it is shorter than the book.

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