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Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

November 21, 2013
By Anonymous

Ender’s Game Movie vs. Book

Ender’s Game is a book that was made into a movie. In the book Ender is 6 and in battle school he gets older, but in the movie, he is the same age the whole time. In the beginning the book and the movie are the same, he just gets his chip out of his head and the boys attack him and he knocks one boy to the ground and keeps kicking him till he is bleeding. Then it starts to change, Ender and his brother Peter are playing a game and Peter chokes him, then Graff comes to take Ender to battle school. The night before he leaves, Peter is suppose to tell Ender that he loves him when he is sleeping but in the movie, Ender leaves the same day that he is asked to come. He goes to battle school in a shuttle with a lot of other kids, in the book, Ender would have broken Bernard’s arm, instead, Alai puked and it floated around the shuttle and all the kids laughed.

When he gets to battle school, he is just in a group with all the other launchies, and then moved to Salamander army and he meets Bonzo and Petra. In the book he is described as a big scary kid. In the movie, he ends up being smaller than Ender and not too scary, he does have some pretty big muscles though and a really big nose, that is probably the scariest feature about Bonzo. In the book Alai kissed Ender when he was moved to Salamander army and it was sort of awkward and weird, I think that is why they didn’t put that in the movie, plus everyone wouldn’t understand Alai’s religion and would probably think he was gay. Back on Earth, Peter and Valentine want to help out too, even if they can’t be in space, so they create fake personalities on a website talking about politics. They are really smart so everyone think that they are adults. Their names are Locke and Demosthenes. They make a huge impact on the discussions and it makes Graff and Anderson suspicious and they do some investigating. They find out it is Peter and Valentine. Peter and Valentine aren’t that important in the movie. Peter and Valentine are in the beginning and Valentine comes in again to talk to Ender back on Earth to make him go back to space. She also comes back once more when Ender finds the bugger queen and he sees her in the mirror, it was suppose to be Peter, that’s how it is in the book.

I liked this book because there was a lot of action and excitement. This was the first time I ever read a book and then watched the movie, and it was surprisingly very helpful. If I hadn’t read the book first, I would have missed a lot of parts, like when Ender won all of his battles and he had a lot of them, because that wasn’t in the movie. In my opinion, I think the book was better than the movie even though I HATE reading. If you don’t want to read it either, you could just watch the movie and then read the last chapter of the book. The book was so much more detailed and specific. I could really imagine it in my head the whole time. I feel like the author wanted the book to be extremely detailed so you wouldn’t need to watch the movie because you can already picture each character and can feel how they feel. So if you were wondering if you should read the book or watch the movie, Ender’s Game well, you should read the book. You can still watch the movie later but you won’t need to.

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