Go Big or Go Home by Kat Von D

October 29, 2013
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Go Big or Go Home is Kat Von D's third book that has once again reached the New York Times Bestsellers list, it gives the reader a window into Kat Von D’s personal life and career; taking the reader on a journey of love, tattooing, and through Kat's journey of finding her voice. Kat gives us a personal view into her clientele and the process that goes into starting and finishing a large scale tattoo. Kat also goes in depth of her personal life, as she explains “ So instead of playing “let's pretend” and putting on an attitude of strength like an ill-fitting jacket, I’m going to strip bare and be completely honest, so I can be myself, so I can find my true strength”(page 58). The name of the book Go Big or Go Home says it all, I found that the book was one that I could not put down, everything about it captured my attention, from the hand drawn details, to the photographs of the tattooing process, and most importantly, how raw Kat Von D was with telling her story.

It was clear that Kat Von D wanted to open up to her fans and let them see her in a more vulnerable space. Go Big or Go Home takes place in the city of Los Angles, focused on Kat's tattoo shop High Voltage, and the book also mentions Kat Von D's Wonderland gallery. This is right next to her tattoo shop. The stories of her clients tell their trials, tribulations and reasons behind their tattoo, a lot of stories that are told are totally relatable, which is why I found this book to be one that I could not put down. I completely related to her and her client’s life stories.

My favorite part of Go Big or Go Home was the obvious hard work and creativity that went into the making of it; from the details on the first pages, to the hand written quotes on the beginning of every chapter. Kat did a great job with the transition of telling her story and telling her client’s stories.

Go Big or Go Home is a must read. This book is relatable, creative, and a fantastic read. The book is not only art itself but it is inspirational. It proves that women tattooed or not can succeed in a career field at is dominated by males.

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