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The Lost Hero by Ric Riordan

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The Author of The Lost Hero is Rick Riordan. He also made the Percy Jackson series, this book is the first book of the second series The Heroes of Olympus also he made a separate book series called The Red Pyramid. He also has won some awards in his carrier, He was awarded the #1 Best Selling Author in 2011 he also won the children best choice award around the same time.

Jason wakes up and finds he is on a bus and does not now where he is. Jason slowly leans up and peers around the bus looking for something to give him a clue of where he is and where this bus is headed. A Boy with Black hair and Dark green eyes turns to him and says (thank god Jason’s finally up). Jason thought to himself how does he now my name. A girl with brown long hair leans around the seat in front of him and looks at him like he is a gift from god. Jason tells them that he does not know them and he must not be the person they think he is. They look shock by this and then start to laugh and both said that he must be joking. Jason tells them with a serious face that he is not kidding. They tell Jason that they’re names are Piper and Leo and that they are all best friends for the past month and that Piper is his girlfriend.
Then the bus lurches to a screeching halt. They have arrived at the destination. Piper, Leo, and Jason got off the Bus Jason looked around they were in the middle of the dessert. All of the other people started to walk into a store so he followed. They came out on the other door and they were on a glass ledge in the middle of the Grand Canyon. Then all if the sudden dark clouds surrounded the sky and from the clouds came a storm creature and took the bus driver who turned out to have goat legs. Then from the other direction a giant griffin with a girl on back shot down and grabbed Piper, Jason, And Leo and then everything went black… They woke up and slowly looked around a bunch of people were looking at them, they are at camp Halfblood.
I really did love this book I was intrigued by the first page. I found this book to have a lot of excitement and adventure. The characters in the book were easy to love. I also liked how much the book tells you a lot of depth in each character such as their struggles and childhood. It also sucks you in and makes you think you are a part of the book. It is also is a big page turner. In my opinion this book os definitely a must read.
I would recommend this book for all people who love an action adventure novel. I think anyone with a passion to read will enjoy this great novel.

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