Out of My mind

October 25, 2013
Out of My Mind is written by Sharon M Draper, who dedicated this book to her daughter, Michelle Draper, who has special needs. She informs readers about special needs people struggle on most things than us, but are still intelligent people. The realistic fiction book takes mostly in Ohio, where Melody, the main character, grew up. She is an eleven year girl who is in special needs classes learning the same things every day. Melody is frustrated and alone inside because she cannot speak up and say what she wants to. Disappointments happens throughout the book, but when she finally gets the opportunity of getting to speak up for herself , she takes it and develop as a better person throughout the book.
Melody is a bright eleven year old who is the smartest kid in her school. Her mind is like a recording camera; she remembers everything that has been said to her and what she has ever done, from her dad recording her with video camera, to her all of her teachers she has ever had, she remembers everything and everyone. She has a whole lot to say ,but there is only one problem, she cannot walk, talk, or even write. Melody has been to many doctors and every doctor has told her that she is not capable of doing anything for herself or even capable of learning. But, Melody knows that they are wrong and she wants to prove them wrong by having the opportunity of something she can to do to show that she actually has a voice and to prove everyone else that they are wrong.
Throughout the book, Melody hopes for a better opportunities and not a discrimination. She hopes for everyone to accept her for who she is inside and not in the outside. Out of My Mind’s theme is everyone should be respected for who they are and everyone is equally the same. At the end of the book, she finally proves everyone wrong that she is capable of learning and she proves everyone wrong. Discrimination towards Melody is shown throughout the book.
This book teaches the reader an important lesson about knowing that everyone is the same and everyone should be treated equally . Out of My Mind is an eye opening book because it informs the reader about the struggles of a person like Melody. This book is inspirational because it inspires the reader to do what they want to do just like Melody did in the story. It is a great book for anyone who wants to read something different , unique and inspirational.

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