Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

October 15, 2008
By Dominique Cheung, Ardsley, NY

When most people hear stories on TV talk shows about young kids getting kidnapped and abused, most ask why they didn't get help. But just how easy is it to get help? How easy is it away to get away after suffering abuse after abuse, to both mind and body?

Alice was abducted when she was ten years old by a man named Ray, during a school field trip. Her life was never the same again. For years she was abused by him; she was forced to do indescribable acts, beaten, and threatened constantly. She was not allowed to go to school, but instead stayed at a dinky apartment with only yogurt to eat. She wasn't Alice at first, but Ray threatened to kill her family if she did not obey him, and has since molded the formerly carefree little girl into Alice, his perfect little girl.
Now she at fifteen, she is a malnourished shell of her former self, constantly hoping for the ultimate release from her sufferings—death.

But Alice is taken by surprise when Ray orders her to find a new, younger girl for him. He wants a new Alice, a new girl he can mold, abuse, and break. Could this be Alice's chance for freedom? Can she really get away? Or will Ray kill her? Or will Alice actually help Ray complete his inhumane plan, destroying the last shred of humanity and sanity she has left?

Living Dead Girl is undoubtedly a haunting book that will stay with you. It was shocking and sickening how cruel one human could be to another. The tone in Living Dead Girl was powerful and realistic, which was probably the most shocking thing of all—this situation could be possible, and that an unfortunate event such as this may have happened before. Living Dead Girl is an unforgettable novel that was written amazingly well—the characters had such realistic personalities and the story was conveyed and expressed through Alice phenomenally!

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