How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbalestier

October 13, 2008
In New Avalon not only is almost everyone born with their own fairy but they also have specific schools. What I mean is the main character, Charlie, goes to a Sports High School. She also attended a Sports Junior High. According to Charlie you only go to a “mixed” school if you are untalented. Also in New Avalon celebrities are referred to as Ours. For example, they have a celebrity known as Zora-Anne but they don’t call her Zora-Anne, she is referred to as Our Zora-Anne or Our Z-A. Another change is the strict discipline at Charlie’s school.

At first, I didn’t understand why there were such strict rules. Such as if you are caught kissing you are expelled. Dressing in unclean clothes, having messy clothes (or hair), holding hands, even crying is a demerit. According to Charlie, sports is all about rules if you break them then there are consequences so therefore the school must also have strict rules to teach the students discipline. All the insane rules made my head spin and I think the author could’ve eased up on them a bit. I mean being expelled for kissing! You’re even expelled for kissing if a teacher sees you OUTSIDE of school! Or any rule for that matter, if a teacher sees you in school or out you’re in for a demerit or even expulsion! Come on!

However, with all these other crazy quirks the main focus is on personal fairies. Everyone is born with one. Rochelle has a shopping fairy which means that her fairy can not only find her clothes that suit her body perfectly, she’ll also find them at insane prices. Like a little black dress that looks stunning on her that would normally hundreds of dollars, would be twenty bucks. Charlie has a parking fairy, meaning that if she’s in the car (or eventually driving since she’s only 14) she’ll get the perfect parking spot. Even when there’s no parking for blocks there will be a perfect spot for her. Unfortunately for Charlie this means that everyone wants her to be in the car when they go to an important event, or a place where they think parking will be a problem. Especially Andrew, Danders Anders, whose fairy makes him never lose his grip unless he wants to let go. Charlie would much rather have a shopping fairy, or a make-all-the-boys-like-you fairy like her archenemy Fiorenze.

So in a desperate attempt to ditch her fairy she walks everywhere. How long can she continue walking? Will she ever ditch her fairy? How many times will you have to refer to the glossary to look up a foreign word? Will she get the guy that she suspects really likes her although Fiorenze Stupid-Name’s fairy keeps interfering? How many hours of community service will she have to do to erase her insane amount of demerits? Read How to Ditch Your Fairy to find out.

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