The Room on the Roof by Ruskin Bond MAG

September 7, 2013
By SiddharthG. SILVER, Ajmer, Other
SiddharthG. SILVER, Ajmer, Other
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This enchanting novel by Ruskin Bond is written in his trademark close-to-nature style. The renowned author writes from his real-world experiences.

This novel takes the reader on a journey of rural India as seen through the eyes of a 16-year-old boy. The panorama of the advancing Indian monsoon adds melodious romance to the novel. Bond's bold yet touching style of writing combined with the intriguing plot make this novel an engaging adventure. Like the Indian bazaar itself, the book is filled with smells, sights, sounds, confusion, and subtle organization of ordinary Indian life.

Rusty, the protagonist, is unhappy with his strict guardian and being confined to the declining European community in Dehra Dun. So one day, he dares to venture into the forbidden Indian territory where he makes friends. His new friends shelter him, and soon he gets a job as an English teacher for Mr. Kapoor's son. Mr. Kapoor was once a rich man who lost his job because of his addiction to alcohol. His only support is his lovely wife, Meena, who soon finds a special place in Rusty's heart. But the most important member of the family is their son, Kishan, who becomes Rusty's best friend. They have a lovely time, and Meena gives Rusty the best gift of his life: a lonely room on the roof top of their house. His very own room! Scantily furnished but incredibly close to the Banyan tree and nature in general, “the room on the roof” is a place he can call home.

This novel keeps the reader engaged throughout Rusty's journey. It is funny, serious, sad, and superbly realized. The Room on the Roof will strike every chord of your heart. Even the hardest of hearts will be moved. It's a masterpiece.

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