Into the Wild

October 12, 2008
By Ashley Pinnell, Angels Camp, CA

In my opinion Jon Krakauer was privileged to get to write the story of an interesting person.
Christopher McCandless aka Alexander Supertramp left his home and set out on an adventure that would lead him to the Alaskan wilderness. He lived life to the fullest and understood that a conventional life in the suburbs isn’t for everyone. The lifestyle he chose was completely fulfilling to him and knew that being on the road and having a “new horizon every day” was how he wanted to live. After all his adventures in Mexico, California, and North Dakota, he decides that Alaska is calling him and he sets for Fairbanks, Alaska. He goes out onto the Stampede Trail where he lives off the land and enjoys the solitude. He is constantly inspired by Thoreau and Jack London, he quotes them and uses them as sources for survival without companionship. He finds an abandoned bus and lives in it until he meets his end after eating a poisonous plant that he thought was harmless. The movie and book are entirely different; with the book you can get into the mind of Alexander Supertramp and can feel the pain that he went through by reading his letters and journal entries. His writings are absolutely incredible and I wish he was alive so he could write a book.

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