Surviving Antartica By Andrea White

October 9, 2008
Ten, that’s what I would rate this exhilarating book. Surviving Antarctica, what a marvelous book? This book is packed with drama, and adventure. You cannot put this great book down. The characters are at the edge of death in Antarctica. If you like exciting books this is the one for you.

The year is 2083; five teens have been selected to travel to the Everglades of the icy death and terror. Antarctica. Billy, Grace, Robert, Andrew, and Polly have been selected to the show. The show is about Scott’s expedition to Antarctica. These five teenagers have to survive Antarctica. This book has never ending action, nerve wracking, sudden terror. Who wouldn’t want to put the book down? If you like historical books this brings you through the past and to the future.

Find out if you read this book. If not you are missing out on a great book. I highly recommend this book to many teens.

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