Snakehead By Anthony Horowitz

October 9, 2008
By Brendan Hynes, Chesterfield, MO

Rider Is Back!

This is the latest epic adventure in the Alex Rider series. In his latest adventure, Alex is faced with an old enemy. Scorpia is back with some new tricks, and a surprising twist.

After returning from outer space, Alex is recruited by the ASIS (Australian Secret Intelligence Service). They want him to infiltrate Snakehead, a gangster organization that specializes in illegal selling of drugs and illegal immigration. If Alex accepts this offer he would be sent to Jakarta, a city in southern Asia. Before Alex refused, the head of the ASIS, Mr. Brooks, says that Alex would work with Ash, Alex's godfather. This is the most exciting book in the Alex Rider series. For all you adventure seeking fans, this is the book for you.

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