October 7, 2008
By Jaden Cymbaluk, Colorado Springs, CO

Change is something everyone goes through. You get older, wiser, and you learn your environment. In the book Twisted, Tyler Miller is a young adult that experiences growing up through change. The change he is going through takes him from being a skinny geeky kid that no one notices. He experiences change throughout his life and is looked at as a rebel without a cause. This story explains the difficulty of being a young man and going from a nobody to a somebody could be difficult.
Main Character: Tyler Miller
Tyler Miller, a 17 year old senior in high school, is a boy who wasn’t noticed until doing a school prank. He then had a background and people noticed. He is a boy that is trying to get through life with all the difficulties such as family, school, and girls. He goes through this phase as no one believes him because of his past. He is a rebel but without a purpose of being one.
Conflict: Tyler goes through the conflict of a young adult that has a background of a juvenile and then has to go through school with people noticing him. He gets caught up in a girl situation which then leads to a conflict with the police. He is caught in this situation because of his past. He gets beat up, exiled, and no one believes him. He gets blamed for a situation gone wrong.
I recommend this novel to young adult readers; it is a page turner and keeps you interested through the whole story. The novel defines all aspects of the young adult life. It ends with a drop off that you wouldn’t expect.
The author kept the story up to date with the 21st century. She lists specific situations that teens tend to go through. It is a serious book that deals with situations that are dealt with through a young adult’s life.

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