Just Listen

October 6, 2008
Just Listen

The book Just Listen, by Sara Dessen, is a book about a teenage girl, going though the troubles of growing up, and getting though high school. This book is extremely interesting because the things going on in the book are happening to teenagers everywhere, so you some people can relate. If you're looking for a book that takes you into the life of a young girl, then Just Listen is for you.

In the book, a senior in high school name Annabel Green, is just trying to live her life, as a regular girl. But as Annabel gets older, and starts being friends with the new girl, Sophie, things start to get bad. Finally when Annabel and Sophie get into a fight, Annabel just decides to try and make herself be invisible over the summer. When she comes back to school things are very different. She has to learn to meet new people, and try and understand how to be a good person. Also, Annabel has some family troubles. She learns that her sister has an eating disorder, and her mother is pushing her to do things she doesn't want to do. If you read the book you can figure out what happens to Annabel, and does she survive, or just give up.

This book is mostly for teens, and is a great read. I really enjoyed this book because it was like I was there with her. Its real life stuff that's happening and I couldn't put the book down. This book became one of my favorites, and I'm sure if you read it, it will be yours too!

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