The Big Field

October 6, 2008
By Joe Goldberg, Chesterfield, MO

The Big Field
The Big Field by Mike Lupica is a book that will never let you put it down. This book is perfect for baseball lover’s 5th-8th grade. This fun and exciting book will keep baseball lovers on the edge of their seats.

Hutch loves baseball. His hero is professional baseball player Derek Jeter. His dad played short stop and almost made professional baseball. Hutch also plays short stop. Ok he played short stop. He is on a new team with someone else who is better then him, so Hutch has to play second base. Hutch plays in a 17 year old league. His team has two 16 year olds and the rest of the team is 14 years old. Will Hutch be able to get over not playing short stop? Will Hutch be able to get his team the State Championships? Will Hutch and his dad stop fighting? All of this and much more in The Big Field.

The author's comments:
This is Joe the author of this review. I really enjoyed reading The Big Field. I hope other people will like this book. I am very glad for Teen Ink, which has givin me the option to submit this review, also my teacher made us submit this review. Enjoy The Big Field.

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