October 6, 2008
By Drew Grossman, Chesterfield, MO

Heat is an adventurous book packed with intense sequences, heart-sobbing drama and parts where you can't put the book down. You better go find a fire extinguisher because this book is on fire!
In this masterpiece, Mike Lupica had a sensational train of thought and stuck with it until the end. He wrote this book to entice reader's hunger and leave you speechless and of course he succeeded.
This book is about Carlos, a young 12 year-old boy who is miss spoken and not understood. His dad passed away recently and he's living with his brother who is 18, not old enough to hold the responsibility of Carlos. They have to keep this undercover or else Carlos might get taken away from his brother.
The main part of this book is Carlos's tremendous talent, baseball. He is so good some other coaches believe he is too old. To prove he isn't too old he needs a birth certificate. He doesn't have one because his family lost one while traveling from Cuba to the U.S.! You'll have to read more to see if Carlos is able to play!

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